If you want to rejuvenate your face, a thread lift can help. Facial threading lifts your facial tissues by using tiny threads that go beneath the surface of the skin. The threads remain under the skin’s surface and absorb slowly.

Collagen production increases during the first six months after a thread lift, leading to a vibrant, younger-looking you.

Collagen works in a few ways to rejuvenate the skin:

  • Promotes new skin cell growth
  • Plumps the skin with the help of elastin

In your mid-20s, collagen production slows. Then, menopause leads to a further 30% decline in collagen in the first five years of menopause.

A thread lift offers a natural trigger for the body to promote collagen production without using creams or supplements. The main reason for facial threading is to lift the skin and restore its tone.

Thread Lift Pros and Cons

Skin firmness following a lift lasts for as long as a year, but this is just one of the many pros of facial threading. Other pros and cons are:


  • You can return to work immediately after the procedure
  • Quick, effective and has no downtime
  • Dissolvable threads pose less risk


  • Results are more subtle than surgical procedures
  • Effects only last for up to a year

When people opt for a thread lift, the main reason is that they don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure, such as a facelift. Threading is one of the least invasive ways to rejuvenate.  

What the Facial Threading Procedure Entails

Thread lifts are often called “lunchtime lifts” because the procedure lasts for less than an hour, and you can go back to your routine immediately after. The surgeon will first mark your skin and inject a local anesthetic into these areas.

Once the face is sufficiently numb, the threading begins. The doctor will insert a long needle under the skin and pull the thread tight to lift the skin’s tissue. Depending on the surgeon’s recommendation, you’ll likely need 20 or fewer threads placed under the skin.

That’s it!

A lot of patients are in and out of the office in 30 minutes or less, but allot 60 minutes just in case.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Thread Lift?

An excellent way to determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for a thread lift is to evaluate your skin. If you stand in front of a mirror, you can do this evaluation on your own. But, first, examine your skin to judge whether it’s sagging. 

If your skin isn’t saggy but is laxer, a thread lift is a good option.

Facial threading provides a subtle improvement that is perfect for people in their mid-40s or early 50s with mild signs of aging.

Even if your skin is moving more towards saggy, additional collagen treatments may stimulate collagen production. A skin specialist will examine your skin and offer recommendations on how to best improve the look of your skin using facial threading, collagen treatment or even a facelift.

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