There’s no doubt that the thicker, fuller lip look is in right now.  Lip injections are one of the most popular non-surgical beauty treatments on the market.

Whether you want a noticeable, celebrity look or just to slightly enhance your natural features, injectable lip fillers have become a favored and easy way to get the pouty lips you desire.

Read on for a look at why lip injections have become so popular, the different types of products available, and what you can expect from a lip enhancement procedure.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are a gel that is injected under the skin into your upper or lower lips. There are several different types currently on the market. All offer the ability to plump and shape your lips and help erase fine lines around your mouth.

They do this by physically filling out the area they are injected into, stimulating collagen production, and holding onto water within the lip.

They can make your lips look fuller and smoother. Nowadays, fillers are the most commonly used method of lip augmentation because it’s effective, requires little downtime, and offers fast results.

Who Gets Fillers for Their Lips?

Lip fillers are used by both men and women of all ages. Some choose to treat only their upper lip, only the lower lip, or both. Some people choose a more pronounced “notice me” look while others choose a more natural look. 

One of the benefits of choosing lip injections is that the procedure can be customized for the look you want to achieve.

Some of the reasons that people might choose to have a lip enhancement include:

  • Fine lines due to age or smoking
  • Naturally thin lips
  • Uneven lips
  • Lips that aren’t proportionate to your face
  • Decreased pout with age
  • Too much of their teeth showing

The Reasons Lip Fillers Have Become So Popular

They’re Easy

Lip injections don’t usually cause pain, but to make it even easier some providers use a numbing gel or use products that have a small amount of anesthetic mixed in. Bruising and swelling are usually minimal and go away in a few days.

They’re Accessible

You can get your lips filled on your lunch break, that’s how easy they are to access. Because of their popularity, many doctors and nurses are adding injectable fillers to their service offerings.

They’re Not Permanent

Lip injections are a great way to try out lip enhancing without the commitment. If you aren’t satisfied, the results wear off in a few months. If you used a hyaluronic acid filler, then there is a reversal agent called hyaluronidase which is an enzyme that can break down the filler.

They Require Less Healing Than Surgery

Plastic surgery often requires several weeks before the bruising and swelling goes down and you can return to your normal activities. Lip injections require far less time and have fewer restrictions.

The Different Lip Enhancement Products on the Market

There are several types of products on the market that can be used for lip injection. They vary only slightly in how they work and how long they last.

Hyaluronic acid

These are by far the most popular lip fillers on the market. Hyaluronic acid injections are sold under the brand names Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, and a few others. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your body in your connective tissues, joints, and skin. 

Calcium hydroxylapatite

Sold under the brand name Radiesse, this filler has a long safety record of use in the dental and reconstructive surgery markets. No animal products are used in making it and it’s said to produce a very natural-looking result.


Sold as Aquamid, this is a semi-permanent filler that takes a little longer (about a month) to see the full results. Collagen eventually surrounds the injected gel and becomes quite stable over time.

Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres (PMMA)

PMMA or Bellefill is another semi-permanent filler sometimes used in place of hyaluronic acid therapies. While it gives a longer-lasting fill, it does require a very skilled provider, possibly more than one injection sitting, and up to three months to see the full effect. 

What You Can Expect During Lip Injections

  1. Pre-Procedure: The first step in having a lip injection is to schedule an appointment with a certified provider. You can ask friends who have had the procedure for recommendations or look online.

On the day of the procedure, you’ll visit the provider’s office. You and the provider can discuss the look you want to achieve. You can bring pictures of famous people that have a similar look to use as an example. Your provider will assess your lips and your facial structure. They may also take pictures of your lips to help illustrate the results that you can expect.

Depending on the type of filler that you use, your provider might perform a skin test to check for allergies before your first procedure. If your skin reacts, they can consider an alternative type of lip filler.

  1. During the Procedure: Your provider may use a numbing gel or inject a small amount of anesthetic inside your mouth to numb the lip area. You might feel a small prick from the numbing injection.

Then your provider will inject your chosen filler. 

Some people have mentioned that this feels cool, others mention a mild stinging sensation when the filler first goes into your lips.

The lip augmentation procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

  1. After the Procedure: You can expect a small amount of swelling or bruising. You might also notice a small red dot where the needle entered your lip. These should fade away within a few days.

Your injection provider may instruct you not to purse your lips for a day or two. You’ll also want to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, high temperature, or flying (the air pressure changes can make swelling worse) for a few days.

  1. Results: You will see results instantly once the filler is injected. Swelling and bruising take a few days to go away. It may take up to 4 weeks for the filler to fully settle and stabilize for your new look.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons that you might choose to have lip enhancement. Lip fillers are a quick and easy way to get the full, soft look that you want. They have been around for many years and a generally considered safe and effective.

There are several different lip filler options that you can choose from and they all have their pros and cons. The most important factor is choosing a knowledgeable provider who listens to you and explains the results that you can reasonably achieve. 

If you do, you can expect to be out and enjoying your new, enhanced lip look in very little time.

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