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Radiesse is a calcium-based, FDA approved dermal filler that is injected near the bones in the face and hands to provide extra support, lift and collagen to the skin, restoring youthfulness and removing lines and wrinkles. It typically lasts for a year or more and encourages the body to increase collagen production in the injection areas, providing even longer lasting benefits to the vitality of the skin.

Radiesse is a durable dermal filler because it is made primarily with calcium hydroxylapatite, which is also found naturally in the body, specifically in the bones. Since it is a naturally occurring element in the body, the body’s metabolism breaks it down over time, making Radiesse a temporary solution to common marks of age like wrinkles and deflated skin.

How Does Radiesse Make You Look Younger?

Radiesse works by building upon the existing structures of the bones in the face and hands, providing a kind of extra scaffold of support for skin tissue. 

Compared to common injectable fillers that use hyaluronic acid, Radiesse is much stronger since it is calcium based and does not rely only on drawing moisture to the area, as a product like Juvèderm does. Additionally, Radiesse has the added benefit of stimulating a patient’s biology and causing an immediate uptick in collagen production, so even after it is metabolized by the body, its effects are still there.

How Long Before You See Results With Radiesse?

Almost immediately after injection, results become visible, and they typically stick around for a year or more.

Are There Side Effects To Using Radiesse?

As with any injection, there is usually swelling, bruising, and redness around the injection area immediately after the procedure. Most of these effects fade after a week, and can be treated with an ice pack. Because Radiesse is a firmer dermal filler than comparative products, some patients have reported feeling an unevenness beneath the skin and sometimes lumps; though this is extremely rare.

Radiesse Versus Juvèderm

While both Radiesse and Juvèderm are injectable fillers, they use different chemical actions to achieve their effects. Juvèderm and other hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers draw water to the areas they are injected, filling in and pushing out wrinkles and folds that way. Conversely, Radiesse builds a new, collagen-inducing scaffold on top of the bones to provide lift and remove wrinkles and folds. 

Because it relies on the existing bone structure of the body, Radiesse is very effective around the jaw, cheeks, and forehead; but it is much less effective in the lips, and beneath the eyes. Often, physicians will combine both products together to achieve a comprehensive result. 

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